Residential Building Surveys

We tailor to your individual property needs, providing bespoke property surveying services for domestic and non domestic builds.

Our flexible business model allows our RICS Chartered Surveyors to deliver quick responses and expert solutions on a wide range of property needs from project management to building consultancy.

A Residential Building Survey is a key component when looking to invest in a new property. Not only does it help you make the best-informed decisions, but it can save you huge sums of money in the long term.

What is a Residential Building Survey?

A Residential Building Survey is an individually tailored report that outlines the property’s construction and condition.

An inspection of the property’s condition is carried out by an expert, in order to identify any problems for prospective buyers and confirming the building’s structural integrity. It’s suitable for all types of residential builds, whether they are old or untraditional.

A surveyor will put together a report indicating any major issues, repairs, or risks. They will look for structural problems such as unstable walls, subsidence, cracks or damp, and advise on other services including foul and surface water drainage.

This type of survey is designed to protect your best interests. Without a Residential Building Survey, you could get caught-out with unexpected expenses further down the line.




How can we help?

As the cost of living crisis persists, and with property prices at an all-time high, a residential survey is highly recommended to ensure you understand your property's condition and potential needs, avoiding unexpected expenses down the line. 

A Residential Building Survey will identify any faults or remedial costs through a professional report, which could allow you to renegotiate the purchase price of the property.

This type of survey removes any ambiguity and helps you understand the current condition of the dwelling, letting you decide whether you can afford the repairs and maintenance of the build before investing.

From private rented units to large residential portfolios on behalf of social housing providers, our team of experts will ensure your property(ies) are appropriately protected for the future. 


What our clients say

"We can highly recommend Sillence Hurn. Our surveyor had great attention to detail and happily answered any of our questions and queries in a timely manner. In addition, we think the price was fair compared to other quotes we received from similar companies".

Ivana, Home Buyer


Alex Hurn
Managing Director

Alex has a passion for project management and contract administration as well as offering commercial building surveying duties to clients. Alex has experience in project delivery across all sectors, most notably commercial, laboratory, retail and residential.

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