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Testimonials : Pre-Acquisition client 

David and the team at Sillence Hurn have been fantastic for us. They turned around a pre-acquisition survey in really good time to fit with our time restraints. The survey itself was very informative and well put together but on top of that, the guidance and advice they provided both before and after the survey was formally issued was invaluable. We cannot thank them enough and would highly recommend . 

Greg Goodman, Residential Homeowner

We were delighted to use the services of Sillence Hurn . Their expertise in fully understanding the Planning requirements for a Grade 2 listed property were invaluable . Likewise their on-going dialogue with the Planning Authorities was critical in reaching agreement on the scope of work

Residential client, Milford Cottage

Very much appreciated the excellent survey service and professionalism and expertise given is top-notch. We were fussy, yet they all took it in their stride and were so efficient when responding. Highly experienced surveyor, who produced a very articulate and succinct report that helped us a lot

Mrs Hill, Level 3 Survey

A Residential Building Survey is a key component when looking to invest in a new property. Not only does it help you make the best-informed decisions, but it can save you huge sums of money in the long term.

What is a Residential Building Survey?

A Residential Building Survey is an individually tailored report that outlines the property’s construction and condition.

An inspection of the property’s condition is carried out by an expert, in order to identify any problems for prospective buyers and confirming the building’s structural integrity. It’s suitable for all types of residential builds, whether they are old or untraditional.

A surveyor will put together a report indicating any major issues, repairs, or risks. They will look for structural problems such as unstable walls, subsidence, cracks or damp, and advise on other services including foul and surface water drainage.

This type of survey is designed to protect your best interests. Without a Residential Building Survey, you could get caught-out with unexpected expenses further down the line.

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