Our background

Our forward-thinking and ambitious commercial property consultancy firm has not been successful by chance.

Learn more about how Sillence Hurn came into existence and the skills, experience, expertise and approach which underpin our brand.

Our background

Sillence Hurn is the coming together of two expert surveyors and property consultants, David Sillence and Alex Hurn. Since they formed the company in the summer of 2019, we have seen significant interest in the brand, our services and the way we like to do business. We're a private building surveying and project management practice based in Southampton, Hampshire, servicing London and the South of England.

David and Alex have over 30 years of industry experience between them and both come from private practice backgrounds, working across a variety of industries and services. Their different personalities and expertise complement each other and have led to a well-balanced overall approach, whilst the wealth of their experiences, both positive and negative, have allowed them to design their own forward-thinking brand. It is one that embraces modern approaches and delivers over and above client expectations, every time.

The combination of our company size, along with our exceptional talent and expertise has resulted in an inventive and agile practice. Where larger firms may find it harder to change and have their team change with them, our personalised, friendly and transparent approach is perceived as refreshing and met with approval from all those we work with.

We provide bespoke services to our range of clients, which include:

None of our services are lifted from a template - we only provide bespoke advice and assistance to allow individuals and businesses to understand, maintain and enhance their existing portfolios. Our range of services can assist to schedule capital expenditure, increase value and help future-proof legal and regulatory compliance.

Our services in full

Our approach

We're passionate about working with entrepreneurial property people, where our innovative approach matches their wishes to get complex problems resolved efficiently and effectively. 

Quality, innovation and efficiency underpin our Surveying and Property Consultancy Service for our wide range of clients. Our approach is built on values of flexibility and cutting-edge technological processes to deliver a forward-thinking strategy that allows our team of surveyors to work smarter and efficiently to directly benefit our clients.

As the recent disruption and change being seen across the property and construction sectors inflates, so too has the speed at which we react to provide superior services to our clients.

As a building surveying practice we provide services across the property and construction sectors and for a wide variety of different client groups. Understanding the way in which these changes will impact upon the management and development of our clients' assets and portfolios is paramount. Through our expertise and range of services, our clients benefit from our assistance to schedule capital expenditure, increase value and help future proof their legal and regulatory compliance.

The services we offer includes:

Most of our projects include the appointment and forming of a talented team of in-house experts and/or a select group of sub-contracted trades, problem-solving our way through significant project challenges. The end result is the handing over a successfully completed project and looking forward to positive feedback from our clients.

Each and every project we undertake provides different problems to solve. It's the relationships we form with our clients that provide the most rewarding experiences as they provide us with a constant learning environment.



Contact us to learn more:

If you're interested in learning more about our practice and our services, please call us on 02380 014786 or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you.

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