Surveying and Building Consultancy Careers in Hampshire

We're always interested to hear from surveyors, consultants, project managers and designers working in the building and property consultancy field.

If you're newly qualified or looking for an alternative to old-thinking approaches to building consultancy and surveying, Sillence Hurn could be just what you're looking for.

Why work for Sillence Hurn?

Growing business

Although we are a fairly new business, we are experiencing rapid growth as our clients and prospects recognise a new way of thinking and as they become aware of our innovative approach. It's important to us that all members of our team understand and recognise their own potential to be a part of the development and future direction of our company. 

In turn we recognise the direct impact that our colleagues have on the performance of the firm. Not only is this noticeable in our ongoing business growth, but also in the fantastic feedback we receive from our clients about our team. We only hire the best, forward-thinking experts to help us grow within the industry and continue to receive accolades and positive feedback for our efforts.

Home working

Whether it be a home delivery, working around your family commitments or a worldwide pandemic, we ensure that our staff our provided with all the necessary kit to allow them to remain productive at home.

Our staff are provided with a range of remote devices (laptops, tablets, phones) as necessary. Remote working technology underpins all our internal policies and practices so that no matter what the world throws at our staff or our firm, we can continue on with fewer business impacts.

Modern approaches

As a new firm, we have been able to cement new approaches and cutting-edge practices into the way we operate. Whilst established firms find their size and age can make change slow and difficult to implement, we continue to be nimble and utilise the best approaches to ensure we are efficient and stand out from the competition.

Unlike the surveying company of old, our team act as an extension of your team - your in-house property expert partner. Our ambitious building consultancy approach is underpinned by a willingness to collaborate with our clients as opposed to the more traditional client/supplier relationship.

Open to new ideas

Our Directors, David and Alex are open to new ideas. We're always on the lookout for new processes, technologies and approaches that align with our ability to react and implement proactive and forward-thinking ideas quickly.

Every member of the team is encouraged to approach their career with Sillence Hurn with an open mind and be eager to share their positive insights with the Directors.


Flexible working

Thankfully, we're all living through the technological revolution, which comes with significant benefits and allowances for easier flexible working policies. Life can be difficult enough, without having to plan everything around a rigid 9:00 - 17:00 work day.

Our principle of providing flexibility means that our staff are comfortable knowing that their personal life needn't fight to fit around their career. At Sillence Hurn, we aim to balance your personal commitments with your career to ensure you are happy and motivated.

Attractive remuneration and perks

Naturally, it's important that we recognise the efforts of our colleagues, so we ensure that salaries, wider remuneration and on-going perks are present to ensure that working for us is a pleasure and not a bind.


Contact us to apply:

If you're interested in working for Sillence Hurn, please call us on 02380 014786 or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you.

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Are we a good fit?

If you're looking to work in partnership with a company that will put your needs first, whilst offering a unique and progressive approach to building consultancy services, then engage with us - get in touch, follow us, connect... whatever is best for you!