Dilapidations Consultancy for Landlords and Tenants

Our dilapidations surveyors are proven in negotiating successful outcomes for commercial landlords and tenants

Dilapidations represent what the potential exit costs might be, owed to the landlord by the tenant at the end of the lease. 


The implications of a dilapidated property, including one when the tenant hasn't complied with the lease covenant, can cause significant loss to the landlord and issues with re-letting due.

Our Schedule of Dilapidations solutions include:

  • Unauthorised alterations: The costs required to return the building to its previous state.

  • Interim dilapidations 

    Provides a periodic record of your property's condition - highly recommended for long leases (10-20 years). We can also provide repair notices to serve tenants.

  • Terminal dilapidations

    Typically served within the last 6-12 months of the lease, the terminal schedule will usually be a costed schedule.

  • Final Schedule

    A ‘Final Schedule’ is served after lease expiry and the state/condition of the property is in a ‘final’ position in the context of the breaches.

Our experienced team will ensure that you are appropriately protected. We understand that disputes with tenants can take a lot of your focus and time, so we'll act on your behalf to prevent disputes and settle as efficiently and responsibly as possible. We also offer drone services at an additional cost.

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It is the tenant's responsibility to ensure that when they vacate a property, they return it to the landlord in its original, pre-let condition. 

We highly recommend tenants take a proactive approach when commencing a new lease. Our team provides pragmatic, honest advice and works hard to help you avoid disputes with the landlord.

Provision reports and assessments

Our provision reports and assessments for tenants are a popular way to proactively assess any potential claims that may arise at the end of the lease and help prepare a budget for repairs.

Schedule of Dilapidations

A Schedule of Dilapidations contains a full list of deemed breaches in respect of the tenant's repairing liabilities and costs involved. The amount being claimed by the landlord can be significant so it is important for tenants to understand their lease obligations when they leave.

Dilapidations negotiations

We understand that dilapidations claims can be confusing, worrying, and expensive. Regardless of whether you are leaving an office, retail unit, or industrial warehouse - whatever the type of building, we provide comprehensive negotiation services to ensure that formal legal claims are avoided. View a recent example of a successful negotiation on behalf of a tenant here.

dilapidations guide for tenants



"Sillence Hurn were able to get on-site the next day to prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations that was urgently required. They were also very good at providing me with detailed verbal feedback at the end of the site visit that helped me to keep the process moving forward, whilst awaiting the submission of the final schedule. Excellent job all around."
Alex Winterburn, Kulite - Landlord

Working with you:

Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson
Associate Building Surveyor

Derek has negotiated successful dilapidations outcomes on behalf of both landlords and tenants for properties across the UK. Clients benefit from his years' experience and extensive knowledge on the subject, helping to prevent unexpected costs and save them time.

View some of our latest dilapidations client solutions below.


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