Construction Project management

We provide a bespoke and personalised approach to all our property project management services.


Project management encompasses the techniques and skills involved in producing a defined outcome (an extension, a new build, refurbishment etc...) within the constraints of people, time, budget and resources.

Whether you are undertaking a residential or commercial building project, you'll need someone to oversee the project for you. This will save you a significant amount of stress and anxiety, as the Project Manager role is one which should only be undertaken by qualified and experienced individuals or teams. Construction Project Management is about more than simply overseeing contractors, a good Project Manager will; understand common construction practices, apply for any necessary approvals, manage all project contracts for you, ensure that the quality of the project meets agreed expectations and check that the build meets legal requirements amongst other key points.

Our approach

Sillence Hurn offer both commercial and residential project management expertise from small to large building activities ranging from £30k extensions to £6m construction projects. Our approach is built on cutting-edge technological processes, efficient time management and liaison with cost-effective contractors to deliver a forward-thinking project management strategy that allows us to work smarter for our clients.

Opting for a project manager from Sillence Hurn will give you peace of mind that your costs will be closely monitored, that the schedule will be adhered to and will free up your own time to focus on other areas of your business or life. We'll ensure the successful management of the planning, coordination and execution of the project, whether it’s commercial, industrial or residential.

As well as a significant understanding of the building and construction process, our talented team have expertise across finance, law, business and mediation, as well as strong communication skills to ensure that challenges can quickly be solved and progress can continue smoothly.

If you are interested in our project management services, you may also be interested in our monitoring surveying, cost management, contract administration and quantity surveying services.

project management enquiry

If you have a specific project you need assistance with, please complete our enquiry form below. Please provide as much detail as you can so we're fully informed. If you'd prefer to call us to discuss the project further, you can reach our team on 02380 014786.

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