Independent Monitoring Surveying

We provide monitoring services to lenders, investors, developers, and finance providers looking to identify, quantify and mitigate project risks

Our expert team monitor all-sized projects throughout the development schedule across London, the South East and beyond

What is a Monitoring Surveyor?

For many commercial or residential property developers, external finance will be required to complete projects. A Monitoring Surveyor is appointed on behalf of the lender to identify, quantify and mitigate the risks in approving additional finances to the borrower to support their project.

Used by the lender to understand and scrutinise a borrower's development proposal and budget, it is the Monitoring Surveyor's responsibility to review and evaluate risks involved in the financing agreement and provide consultation on how future risks can be mitigated.

To ensure that lenders and investors have accurate and transparent information, the Monitoring Surveyor regularly visits the site to ensure that the project runs to the agreed schedule and budget.

We provide trusted and experienced independent monitoring surveying services to mitigate financial and resource risk throughout a project.

Our Approach

From modest loans to large-scale development projects across the South of England and in London, our experience ranges across both residential and commercial projects.

Clear communication and transparency underpin our approach. Whilst we act on behalf of the lender, our Monitoring Surveyors guide developers to reduce the risk of future financial issues. Our team is skilled in identifying potential problems in a project, such as overspending, schedule overrun, compliance, party wall, and quality control.

Acting in collaboration between the lender and the developer, our aim is to mitigate any risks that could become major problems and therefore reduce the likelihood of a delay or unnecessary cost. Our service is flexible and bespoke to each clients' needs and we work to ensure that we help facilitate the success of the development alongside our duties for the lender.

If you are interested in monitoring surveys, you may also be interested in our Project Management and Quantity Surveying services. We also offer drone services at an additional cost.

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"Everyone is always happy to help, speedy and efficient, and friendly. I know I can always contact them if I need something clarifying and they are always on hand."
Heather Hancock - Lending Manager, Black & White Bridging

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