Planned Preventative Maintenance property services across the South East and London

Our team of expert building surveyors will advise and co-ordinate your PPM to allow you to understand the entire lifecycle costing of your assets.

Benefit from our expertise in property preventative maintenance with our RICS Chartered Surveyors and Consultants


planned preventative maintenance 

A Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey is an important tool to allow for effective asset management of a property portfolio. Identifying the condition of a property will allow for a strategic approach to managing refurbishment, maintenance or even acquisition or disposal.

A PPM survey assesses the maintenance requirements of an asset over an agreed period of time (range from 5 years to 30 years) and provide cost projections in order to enable a maintenance budget to be set or a structured plan for maintenance to be developed. Our experienced team at Sillence Hurn are on hand to provide accurate and bespoke reports for our clients.

The benefits of a PPM survey are;

  • Provide a strategic overview of your portfolio or asset to assist in budget and capital expenditure planning
  • Provide a cost saving on maintenance by avoiding reactive works
  • Provide predictable and stable year on year expenditure
  • Help to prolong the life cycle of the property and minimise the risk of unexpected failure
  • Assist with implementing policy works such as; energy efficiency, asbestos removal or carbon reduction alongside maintenance works

Our approach

We have in-house expertise in undertaking planned preventative maintenance projects for clients in both the residential and commercial sectors. Our team can offer a range of additional services, such as design and drawings, contract management, project management and building surveys, so you can rest assured that we have the skills required to guide you from exhausted estate to premises of promise.

Our clients all agree that Sillence Hurn provides a refreshing and forward-looking approach to planned preventative maintenance. We utilise the latest technologies and practices to our benefit, seeking the best contractors to undertake the works. Our communications are transparent and regular and we are extremely responsive to enquiries from the client and on-site workers.

We offer expansive experience in planned preventative maintenance services to investors, developers, landlords, owner occupiers and tenants. Additionally, we offer drone services at an extra cost for your project needs. We work across most sectors, providing expertise to any office, warehouse, trade counter, retail unit, home, flat or estate. 

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