HMO Consultancy in Southampton, Hampshire

We provide insightful guidance and advice for landlords or investors wishing to rent their properties under house of multiple occupation (HMO) rules.

We know from experience that landlords and property investors rarely want to tread through the minefield of HMO rules and legislations. To provide peace of mind to our customers, we provide a quality, cost effective and transparent HMO management service.

House of multiple occupation 

A HMO is a residential dwelling occupied by more than two people who are not members of the same family.  The HMO must be their only principal place of residence, so for example, a student's term-time accommodation is regarded as a principal place of residence.

You are of the same family group if you live together with your married or civil partner, with a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother/sister, uncle/aunt or nephew/niece. But, if you are renting out property to multiple tenants who do not fall within the family categories above, then your property will be subject to HMO rules and regulations.

As a HMO owner are you considering how often the property has been refurbished? Will tenants wish to stay or rent with you? Are you considering certifications such as gas, fire and electrical?

HMO owners should be aware of the huge variety of issues and legislation. They include:

  • Housing standards
  • Fire safety
  • Gas safety
  • Health and safety
  • HMO management regulations
  • Property licensing


Our approach

Sillence Hurn provides experienced and expert HMO consultancy support and guidance to landlords and property investors in London and across the South of England.

There are many regulations, pitfalls and processes involved in the licensing procures of HMOs, so we provide comprehensive advice to our clients to help them avoid any regulatory or compliance issues. Our clients choose to work with us, recommend us and come back for additional support due to our responsive, personable and honest approach.

If you need support and help checking or improving the quality of your property, submitting an HMO licence application, varying an existing licence or applying for a temporary exemption then we can act on your behalf and give you peace of mind. 

Our Consultants will provide you with expert guidance to ensure you keep your own costs low, get the best rent and provide the best value. If you are looking to refurbish or improve your property, you may also be interested in our contract administration and project management services

enquire about HMO

If you have a specific project you need assistance with, please complete our enquiry form below. Please provide as much detail as you can so we're fully informed. If you'd prefer to call us to discuss the project further, you can reach our team on 02380 014786.

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