Schedule of Condition | Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter

Sillence Hurn Building Consultancy completed a photographic Schedule of Condition on a unit at Sowton Industrial Estate in Exeter, Devon, for a client commencing a new lease term.

Sector: Commercial Tenant

The Role: Building surveyor | Schedule of Condition

Client: Vehicle repair company

Location: Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter, Devon

The Brief: Sillence Hurn was appointed by the client to undertake a Photographic Schedule of Condition and record the condition of the premises prior to commencement of the new lease term.

This Schedule of Condition provided the client with photographic and written evidence of the state of the property at the time the lease was granted, protecting both the tenant and landlord. 

Ultimately the Schedule of Condition provides evidence of the state of repair, condition, and decoration of a property.

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Our team of chartered building surveyors provides schedule of condition services and advice to commercial clients across the South East and South West. Click here to read more about our Schedule of Condition services.

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