Technical Due Diligence | Brackley | Northamptonshire

Sillence Hurn Building Consultancy provided technical due diligence for Mills Ltd - the largest privately-owned telecommunications solution provider and distributor in the UK.


Mills Ltd, Commercial Landlord 

The Role:

Technical Due Diligence (commercial building surveyor)


Brackley, West Northamptonshire

The Brief:

Mills Ltd are the largest privately-owned telecommunications solution provider and distributor in the UK.

As a result of rapid growth and investment within the telecoms marketplace, the firm sought an additional storage unit in Brackley, West Northamptonshire to ensure can continue to support the high levels of demand from their customers. They required a unit that would be structurally sound with good accessibility and serve them well in the future.

Mills Ltd reached out to us to assist with technical due diligence prior to the pre-acquisition of the 8,000 square-foot unit.

Project Outcomes:

Our team advised Mills Ltd on the overall condition of the unit prior to purchase. This included estimated maintenance liabilities and any identifiable risks of potential defects.

A visual inspection of the roof and gutters was undertaken with the use of a telescopic pole camera operated at ground level. Photographic data was collected to provide the client with a visual record.

Alongside this, the team helped dispute claims of a Japanese Knotweed presence on site which the lender’s valuation surveyor incorrectly reported was in situ.

Prior to the report, our team provided a summary of findings allowing the client to take a high-level view of the commercial unit and therefore avoid any delay in the acquisition.

Elliot Mills, Business Development Director at Mills Ltd, said: "Thanks to the Sillence Hurn team for their recommendations and advice on the unit. Their detailed commercial building survey allowed us to get a sound insight into the unit's condition pre-purchase and prioritise urgent work and maintenance required. Along with this, we were fortunate to receive additional insights from an experienced surveyor who was well-versed in commercial property helping to minimise any long-term risks. We have since undertaken the works required, refreshed the unit, and it is now fully operational."

Derek Johnson, Associate Building Surveyor said: “It's great to see that Mills Ltd has since acquired and moved into the unit allowing them to house further stock. We wish them all the best with their continued growth.”

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