Modular construction reduces carbon emissions by 45% finds study

A recent study has found that modular construction can produce up to 45% less carbon emissions than traditional methods of home building.

Modular construction can produce 41-45% less CO2 than traditional methods of building homes, according to a new study by academics from the University of Cambridge and Edinburgh Napier University.

The study found that two modular housing schemes designed by HTA Design, 44 and 38-storey Ten Degrees towers in Croydon - the world’s tallest completed modular scheme - and The Valentine, a 10-storey student accommodation block in Redbridge, consisting of a total of nearly 900 homes, saved a combined 28,000 tonnes of carbon. 

Embodied carbon defines the CO2 produced during the design, construction, and decommissioning phases of development. Modular designed buildings typically require less volume of carbon-intensive products such as concrete and steel.

Alex Hurn, Managing Director of Sillence Hurn, said: "We have been working with clients on various projects using modular construction for a number of years. The off-site technique provides a controlled environment for construction before being transported and assembled onsite when complete.

"The UK Built Environment is responsible for 25% of the country's greenhouse gases. It is fantastic to see that modern methods of construction like modular are being recognised for their positive impact on reducing embodied carbon. Long gone are the days of 'prefab' and preconceptions of 'poor quality'. Modular is standing up to be a pivotal pillar for the future of construction."

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