St Francis Pre-School

This case study details the Photographic Schedule of Condition undertaken by Sillence Hurn for St. Francis Pre-School.

client background 

St Francis Pre-School is an early years child care provider in Southampton, Hampshire. 



The client required a Photographic Schedule of Condition to be carried out on a temporary building they would be using while building work took place on their existing site.  



The client instructed Sillence Hurn to undertake a Photographic Schedule of Condition. This schedule is to record the condition of the premises prior to commencing a new lease. After carrying out the inspection Sillence Hurn provided the client with a comprehensive report summarising the findings and highlighting specific areas of concern with a photo and description.



Due to deadlines at the client’s end Sillence Hurn were required to undertake the schedule and issue the report on a tight timescale to ensure that they could move sites without issue.



"We were very happy with the service we received from Sillence Hurn. We found the team to be very friendly and helpful and the report was returned to us within the agreed timescale."




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