Sillence Hurn’s Oliver Gristwood appointed Chair of RICS Matrics Hampshire

Senior Building Surveyor Oliver Gristwood has been voted in as Chair of RICS Matrics for the Hampshire branch, taking over from Akon’s Nikita Watson.

On the first of December, Oliver met with Nikita who handed over the baton after leading the local branch through the pandemic. Now at the helm, Oliver looks ahead to the next three years as Chair of RICS Matrics for Hampshire.

Becoming Chair

Oliver joined the committee two years ago, helping to deliver innovative industry events and continuing professional development days.

Alongside seven other committee members from different branches, Oliver is now heading up the Hampshire branch after being voted in as the new Chair.

Speaking about his new appointment, Oliver said: “Becoming Chair is a fantastic opportunity to carry on organising team days and networking opportunities, and I couldn’t have taken over from anyone better than Nikita – she’s been amazing, having powered through the pandemic and still managing to bring everyone together for events during Covid."

Changes to the industry

Recent years have seen a decline in the number of young people entering the industry, with less and less students, grads, and young adults showing interest in becoming surveyors.

RICS Matrics supports the involvement and development of young industry professionals. As Chair, Oliver wants to see membership numbers grow with more young people taking an interest in surveying.

Additionally, the promotion of sustainability amongst surveyors is a high priority for Oliver: “Our generation have a lot of work to do and if we all do our bit, we will see positive changes around the globe.

“Being Chair means setting an example and sustainability should be something everyone aims to improve."

What to expect from Oliver as Chair of RICS Matrics Hampshire

Next year Oliver is hoping to schedule multiple school visits across the county to increase awareness about the industry, in addition to planned university talks to inspire more young people to take up a career in surveying.

Across his three-year term, he is motivated to support sustainable services within the industry and inspire new and experienced surveyors to follow suit.

Quiz nights, team days, and industry events are all in the pipeline for RICS Matrics members in Hampshire.

“Along with the important focuses, I want to make sure everyone is enjoying being part of a wider community of change too.

“Next year I am planning around eight to ten team days out."

Looking ahead

With a push on sustainability, a boost in involvement, and extending RICS Matrics’ outreach, next year is set to be a busy one as Oliver looks to broaden the community through bigger networking events, CPD days, talks, and educational visits.

“I’m excited going forward into 2023, I want to carry on pushing the agendas we’ve already worked so hard on and continue to build our community of young surveyors."

RICS Matrics was founded to support younger members starting out in the profession, with plenty of opportunities on offer for everyone.

From students to trainees to newly qualified members, RICS Matrics wants younger generations of surveyors to be involved with the wider RICS community, providing them with a platform to discuss and share new ideas.

Our team

At Sillence Hurn our chartered surveyors are RICS qualified with extensive experience with both residential and commercial clients within Hampshire, London, and the surrounding areas. If you need to speak to a surveyor, contact the team today on 02380 014786 or email

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