Cost management

Sillence Hurn provides a range of cost management services throughout the design, procurement and construction phases of building projects.

We manage all the construction and professional fees involved in development, repair and refurbishment projects for both commercial and residential clients in the South of England and in the London area.

Cost management

For larger commercial or residential building projects, it is important that quantity surveyors are employed to help understand and manage the costs involved in the successful completion of the project.

They will have detailed understanding of managing the costs and risk associated in construction project planning and management. Their role begins during the feasibility and planning stages and they will take into account all parts of the process to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved by the end of the development. 

Whether it is a new build, repair work or refurbishment, controlling the costs is essential to the successful completion of construction projects. Cost management and quantity surveying can include a number of the following activities, which are designed to support the client, contractors and financiers throughout all stages of work:

  • Feasibility studies, cost modelling, cost planning and bench marking
  • Due diligence and acquisition support
  • Value engineering and risk management
  • Contractual advice, employer’s agent, contract review and administration
  • Cost control, valuations and change management
  • Supply chain management and procurement
  • Reinstatement valuations
  • Project auditing and final accounting

Our approach

Based in Southampton, Hampshire, we are a RICS Chartered Surveying practice, providing the best and most accurate standards available on building project cost management

Our quantity surveyors ensure that we provide effective and accurate cost management as we understand the vital role it plays in the success and performance of our clients' build projects and property assets. Our approach is flexible, transparent and responsive; we ensure that our clients understand the information presented to them throughout our consultancy and as we have construction, design, legal, compliance and project management experience, they know they can rely on us for a full turnkey solution.

From preparation of contracts right through to final accounts, we have the expertise to provide you with the full service. If you need support with cost estimation, project scheduling, material requirements or ongoing cost management, you can rest assured that Sillence Hurn have the experience to take care of it all for you.

In house expertise includes:

  • Estimation, cost planning and budgeting
  • Tendering and procurement
  • Contract administration, from drafting and contract review
  • Valuations
  • Final accounts

If you're interested in our cost management consultancy, you may also be interested in our project management and contract management services.

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