Our Commercial and residential landlord, property developer and investor clients.

We're dedicated to providing professional commercial and residential building consultancy to our clients.

Our range of building consultancy, surveying and project management services as well as party wall and dilapidations advice is offered to clients across residential, commercial, industrial, retail, education and heritage.

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We work with commercial property landlords, homeowners, residential developers, property and asset managers, investment funds, housing associations and property lenders. Their needs are unique and vast so our building surveying and consultancy services cover most of the practical aspects of property investment and ownership, renting and leasing, maintaining, developing and refurbishing commercial and residential property throughout its building life cycle. 

With services ranging from Building, Pre-acquisition, Monitoring and Quantity Surveying to Project Management, Party Wall and Dilapidation Consultancy our expert Surveyors and Consultants provide the support you need throughout the property life cycle.


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