Building Surveyors and Pre-Acquisition building surveys in London and the South of England

We understand the need for responsible and accurate surveying, assessing the quality of commercial, domestic and public properties, detailing their condition and providing input on how to improve them.

Our Chartered Surveying Practice operates from our offices in Southampton, Hampshire. We provide a high-quality, professional and responsive service and follow the RICS Building Surveying guidelines when surveying both commercial and residential properties. To ensure that we exceed your expectations, manage your risk and provide the best possible value, our building surveying services are always custom-designed to each project and client.

When are Building and Pre-Acquisition Surveys needed?

It is imperative that prospective house buyers or commercial clients looking to purchase or lease new premises employ a Building Surveyor with appropriate credentials to ensure they are getting the best possible service. As an owner, our surveying service will help you maximise the value, condition or use of your property and to minimise liabilities and ensure you are safeguarded from changing statutory requirements. Whereas for individuals and businesses wishing to purchase or lease, our surveys will provide peace of mind and detail often not found in lender valuation surveys.

Building surveys are used to inspect and identify where there may be defects or failures in the fabric of the property. There are a number of common defects found in many buildings, such as structural movement and shrinkage, while other specific defects are more likely to be associated with properties of a specific build type or age. Alongside defects, surveys will also discover opportunities for building repairs, maintenance and possible refurbishment to improve the value of the building.

It is imperative that prospective house buyers or commercial clients looking to lease new premises employ a Building Surveyor with appropriate credentials to ensure they are getting the best possible service. Sillence Hurn is a RICS-accredited practice, which demonstrates their high level of competence. Most solicitors recommend that full property survey reports are undertaken prior to purchase, especially where the property is of a significant size or age, and for commercial clients those involved with a full repairing lease.

Often, valuation surveys provided through your lender or Building Society can fall short of the detailed information obtained during a full building inspection, and many of our clients choose us to provide them with peace of mind. Surveys become a useful instrument to negotiate on price and they usually provide a significant return on investment for our clients. Most importantly, they will help ensure that you enter into a purchase or lease with your eyes open or allow you to avoid purchasing buildings with unexpected financial demands, where the condition of the property has not been reported on.

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Our approach

Our agile and responsive approach ensures that we can expedite building and pre-acquisition surveys for our clients quickly and efficiently. Our team of RICS-accredited surveyors are abreast of all the latest statutory regulations and provide an approachable and personable service to ensure that you understand the information presented to you.

Our completed surveys and reports have been designed specifically to be accessible and user-friendly, allowing you to understand the findings and advice we provide more easily. Our reports feature a visual traffic light system to help you understand the condition of the building, whilst our unique style of presentation really makes the difference, building strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

We know from experience that there can be significant time constraints placed on the owner or the buyer, so we ensure a quick 7-day turnaround on all of our surveys. This speed doesn't result in any lack of quality and detail as we cover issues such as roof damage and leaks, structural cracking or movement, condensation, damp or contaminated ground issues.

Clients looking for a building survey might also benefit from our dilapidation consultancy service and building refurbishment or building project management solutions.

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