Stock Condition Survey | London

This case study details the Sample Stock Condition Survey of 196 flats and maisonettes across 100 blocks throughout London.

Sector: Housing Association 

The Role: Sample Stock Condition Survey 

Client: Safe Haven London

Location: London 

The Project: Sillence Hurn was commissioned by Safe Haven London to undertake a sample stock condition survey of a residential portfolio and prepare a report with extrapolated expenditure estimates.   

The scope of services was agreed as:

  • Impressionistic survey - desktop review to group and archetype properties;
  • Sample selection - selection of a representative sample of blocks to be surveyed using the "beacon" principle;
  • Survey form - preparation of a pro-forma survey questionnaire to collect appropriate data
  • Desktop review - request information regarding the past 2 years' service charge from the vendor, review and predict;
  • Preparation of expenditure profile - showing predicted expenditure to a 30 or 50-year horizon for each property and summarised for the portfolio as a whole, including major repairs, cyclical works, and servicing costs along with any unusual or exceptional costs identified;
  • Report - setting out the methodology and key findings. 

The Objective: The survey and report provided an independent opinion of a 30-year profile of likely costs that would fall to the owner of the portfolio to assist with financial planning and cash flow. 

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