Kelly Bellerson

Marketing Coordinator

With a degree in Multimedia Journalism with Politics, Law, and Ethics, Kelly has a wide variety of experience in the realms of media and marketing. Previously, she has been on-location for a variety of projects including her investigation into county lines gangs and reporting from Parliament Square during the 2019 general election.

From fronting the UK’s leading hospitality magazine in the B2B marketplace to producing content for The Times, she brings a creative mindset and a flare for social media to the role of Marketing Coordinator.


Proudest project?

Kelly was in the grounds of Windsor Castle for the funeral of The Duke of Edinburgh as part of Times Radio’s coverage of the historic day. Filming, interviewing, and managing the online coverage of the event is an experience that she will never forget.


BA Hons Multimedia Journalism with Politics, Law, and Ethics. Qualified Multimedia Journalist (BJTC). Former Editor-in-Chief of Bar Magazine, Producer for The Times (Times Radio), Production Journalist at TalkRadio, Podcast Editor at OffTheRecord, Finance/Education reporter for KentOnline.

Market trends or legislation affecting your sector, or likely to in the next five years?

The world of digital marketing and communications is a lot more restricted than people realise. Whilst there are many laws surrounding copyright, privacy, and personal data (to name a few), stricter laws and tougher legislation will make it difficult to navigate the online world as a marketer in the future.

How do you switch off?

Kelly's guilty pleasure is reality TV, which you can often find her binge watching to wind down at the end of the day.

Biggest career influence?

Biggest career influence comes from Kelly’s childhood where her interest in current affairs began. She has always been creative-minded, and it was during her secondary school years that she wondered how she could combine the two.

Favourite book/film?

Book: The 39 Steps by John Buchan.

Film: Back to the Future.

Fun fact people might not know about you?

Kelly is a qualified scuba diver!


"Your future is whatever you make of it, so make it a good one!"

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