Chloe Hylton

Head of Residential Services

Surveying is Chloe's third career! Chloe joined the Royal Air Force straight from college and studied to become an Intelligence Analyst and Linguist. After leaving the RAF, she fell into Lettings and later surveying, having spent her surveying career in large corporate firms - carrying out Mortgage Valuations and Home Surveys.

More recently, Chloe has been managing teams of up to 18 surveyors spanning across the South East and London.

Proudest project?

Becoming a managing surveyor two weeks before lockdown. We worked through the pandemic completing a significant number of desktop valuations whilst trying to navigate work/home life during challenging and unprecedented times. Being junior in the industry and leading people who have significantly more experience than you can be very daunting. It was hard work and invaluable experience.



How do you switch off?

Read. Serial killer series. Eat crisps. Home gym to work off crisps. Go for a walk and listen to audio books.

Biggest career influence?

DE&I is important to me. As a young(ish) mixed heritage woman from a lower socioeconomic background, I would never have thought for one minute that I would be where I am now. I would love to inspire others to consider Surveying as a career. I want to give people the opportunity to enter, develop and succeed in this industry. So I’m hoping to sponsor, recruit and mentor individuals who may also believe that there are limitations to what they can achieve.

Favourite film/book/TV series?

I couldn’t name just one! Any crime/thriller fiction books my mom finds in charity shops and donates to me. 

Fun fact about you?

I have more Star Wars clothing than most 9 year olds. Including a pair of R2D2 high heels which I never take out of their box. I am hoping that one day they will pay off my mortgage.




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