Aston Gordon

Building Surveyor

With nearly 10 years of Building Surveying experience, Aston has worked with a multitude of clients including the University of Sussex, Royal Mail and the Ministry of Defence, providing services in nearly all areas of surveying from commercial and residential to education and government.

Proudest project?

Specification and Contract Administration for complete repair and redecoration of a Grade II listed regency property in Brighton. The property was originally a hotel, converted into a hostel in the mid 20th century and has remained as such ever since, serving up to 60 residents.


BSc (Hons) in Building Surveying, incorporate membership of the CIOB, recently obtaining an A2 CofC license for carrying out UAV (drone) operations.

Market trends affecting your sector, or likely to in the next five years?

I'm interested to see how AI (Artificial Intelligence) develops. The systems available to consumers already such as ChatGPT, are very impressive and there’s already talk of implementing AI in Project Management - including areas such as Resource Planning and Risk Management.

How do you switch off?

I’m likely either reading the latest automotive magazines, gaming or playing remote controlled cars with my two sons.

Biggest career influence?

I’ve had an interest in Building Surveying since a very young age, inspired by my father who is now a retired Chartered Building Surveyor! Having completed A-Levels I went straight on to study a Building Surveying degree at the University of Greenwich, graduating in 2015. Starting employment within a Surveying consultancy firm in 2013, part time, I now have nearly 10 years of Building Surveying experience.

Favourite book, film, or TV show?

I must admit I am a fan of the Marvel series, a favourite being Thor: Ragnarok.

Fun fact that not many know about you?

I’m quite an avid music listener with interest in all genres from classical to drum and bass, however, my favourite genre is in fact heavy metal.


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