We are rowing and raising awareness for CRASH

The Sillence Hurn crew is taking part in this year's Construction Industry Dragon Boat Challenge to raise funds for CRASH.

The Sillence Hurn Building Consultancy crew will be rowing and raising awareness of CRASH at the Construction Industry Dragon Boat Race on Thursday 9th May.

As project managers and building surveyors, we want to do our bit to give back to CRASH. They unite the power of the industry to do good by channelling their professional expertise, construction products, and fundraising to build places that care for the sick, vulnerable, and homeless in the communities we work and live. 

CRASH helps charities navigate the complex and costly process of construction with confidence. Empowering them to make informed decisions and create the best quality environments for the lowest possible cost.

Please donate what you can, collectively we can help make a difference. 

Thank you for supporting us to support CRASH charity. Together we deliver lasting social impact in communities across the UK.

The Sillence Hurn Crew.



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