Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey | Bethany School

Sillence Hurn delivered a comprehensive Planned Preventative Maintenance strategy for Bethany School and its surrounding grounds to give an indication of its ten-year expenditure, as it responds to The Department for Education’s guidance on good estate management.


Bethany School


Lead Consultant on Valuation of Building Stock


Goudhurst, Kent


To carry out a Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey for Bethany School and provide a Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule for their buildings for the next ten years.

Situated in the heart of Kent, the 66-acre site located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, is comprised of 31 educational buildings and 25 residential buildings, dating from the 19th century.

Spending a week on site, Sillence Hurn conducted an evaluation of each individual educational/residential building, in addition to providing an overall report of the site including the surrounding grounds, leisure courts, gymnasiums, and swimming pools.

Sillence Hurn ensured the Planned Preventative Maintenance report was detailed and thorough, providing long term solutions and indicating Bethany School’s capital expenditure over the next ten years.

Project Outcomes: 

The Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey was carried out over the summer in 2022 and was completed before the start of the new academic year in September 2022.

Our surveyors collated the cost of each educational and residential building on site for the next ten years, in addition to an overall cost for the campus, advising on future budgets and environments.

Sillence Hurn recommended a ten-year programme of repair be put in place, in addition to a programme of planned maintenance, to be updated and revised every year to consider investigative work, items which have been completed, and further defects which may have manifested themselves.

Interim Estates Manager, Vincent Rapley, said: “Sillence Hurn provided a detailed and insightful report, and were consistently available to contact regarding any queries we had.

“Their Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey gave us the long-term guidance we needed to help keep up to date with The Department for Education’s estate management requirements and any repairs or upgrade work that could be needed in the future."

Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey

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