The benefits of greener office spaces

Businesses are beginning to notice the benefits an environmentally sound office can provide, and how attractive they are to both prospective employees and clients.

Today, many people value greener practices and actively work towards having a more sustainable lifestyle. However, one area that really needs to improve is the built environment.

The industry is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, accountable for around 25% of the country’s total emissions. So, what can landlords do?

The key to good environmental performance - accreditation schemes

Non-domestic properties can claim they meet sustainable standards of performance through an accreditation scheme – a collection of voluntary environmental performance standards backed by third-party assessors.

Third-party assessors confirm whether an office building meets the scheme’s set of standards and if this qualifies the property for a good sustainability rating.

A variety of different schemes are available to landlords nationwide, however, the top two commonly used for office buildings are; NABERS and The WELL Building Standard.


An Australian accreditation scheme, NABERS has recently been adopted by the UK. The National Australian Built Environment Rating System is voluntary in this country and can be used for office spaces of 1,000 per square metre or above.

NABERS tracks the building’s constant operational performance and in-use energy, along with actual utility consumption data, taking into consideration location, area, and hours of operation.

Under NABERS, properties can receive a rating between one and six stars, with three deemed as the ‘market average’ and six being ‘market leading’.

A good ranking from NABERS will provide a company with a premium stamp for their property, ultimately attracting higher yields. Statistics have shown that per square metre, a rental building with 4.5 stars or higher is, on average, worth 8% more than unrated builds.

What about The WELL Building Standard?

A first of it’s kind, The WELL Building Standard is a global rating system delivered by the International WELL Building Institute. This scheme prioritises the enhancement of health and wellness among employees and within workspaces.

WELL has ten core focuses that it holds office spaces against to ensure their building is sustainable; water, nourishment, air, light, movement, sound, materials, mind, community, and thermal comfort.

Office spaces can be ranked anywhere between 0 and 100 under WELL’s scoring system. A bronze rating is awarded to companies with 40 points or more, whilst at the top of the scale companies can achieve a platinum rating with 80 points.

Designed to create more sustainable working environments, WELL has shown itself to be universally applicable, grounded in medical research and lead by top industry developers.

Are you ready?

Excluding the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, there is a lack of legislation surrounding energy performance requirements for office spaces.

With the Government’s target of net zero by 2050, landlords are already predicting and preparing for stricter regulations and tighter policies when it comes to the energy efficiency of their buildings.

Whether it’s conforming to higher standards or a desire to be greener, there are a number of schemes and services available to landlords looking to improve their office’s environmental performance.

How we can help

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