Credo Living welcomes Sillence Hurn Building Consultancy as new partner

Commercial property partners, Credo Living has extended its expertise by partnering with South-East based building consultants, Sillence Hurn.

Credo Living is a joint venture between commercial property agents, Tandem Real Estate, Windsor Patania Architects, and most recently – Sillence Hurn Building Consultancy.

Credo Living specialises in property acquisition and disposal, asset management, planning, design, development management and project delivery across a range of real estate asset classes.

Bringing on board South-East based Sillence Hurn Building Consultancy, Credo Living expands its offering with surveying expertise, alongside Windsor Patania Architects’ high-end architectural services and Tandem Real Estate’s commercial property know-how.

Together they form Credo Living – specialists in property acquisition and disposal, asset management, planning, design, development management and project delivery across a range of real estate asset classes.

Andrew McDonald, co-founder of Credo Living said: “Credo Living was founded with the purpose of meeting the needs of future generations by transforming unloved buildings into beautiful new residences.

“It’s great to welcome Sillence Hurn under the Credo Living umbrella. Managing Director Alex Hurn and his chartered surveying team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience across the commercial property lifecycle, in turn strengthening our goal of maximising value and exploiting the full potential of real estate assets.

“At Credo Living, we believe that bright horizons arrive by design, not default. Our town centres are crying out for careful curation and the cooperation and imagination of multiple stakeholders. With the right oversight, their transformation will bring opportunities for entrepreneurs and residents alike, revolutionising the way we interact with our urban spaces.”

Alex Hurn, Managing Director of Sillence Hurn said: “COVID has had a huge impact on our high streets, and having backed initiatives like Save The High Street, we have seen first-hand the effect on retail landlords. Credo Living seeks to bring life back into real estate by supporting landlords with the full property lifecycle management of their portfolios.

“We are very excited to be part of the Credo Living collaboration and working alongside experts Tandem Real Estate and Windsor Patania Architects. Together we have a fantastic skillset accompanied with a full package of products to support commercial landlords with their real estate assets.”

Giovanni Patania, Architect Director at WindsorPatania and co-founder of Credo Living added: “Credo Living is about turning unloved buildings into spaces that can be enjoyed by generations to come, with sustainable design as a core principle. Sillence Hurn brings complementary expertise to the team that will help us achieve our mission and we are delighted they have joined this partnership.”  

Credo Living services range from property acquisition, architecture, design, and planning, to cost consultancy, project management and delivery, interior design, CGI and video visuals, and right through to project exit.

Find out more about Credo Living here.

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